International Advisory Board

CRAFT-OA and DIAMAS are two complementary Horizon Europe-funded projects that aim at supporting the development and sustainability of the Diamond Open Access model across the European Research Area and globally. While DIAMAS focuses on best practices, skills, editorial quality, and financial sustainability, CRAFT-OA supports the construction of a federated technical infrastructure to support Diamond Open Access.

Both projects will eventually produce the first building blocks of a future federated Capacity Centre that will serve the Diamond Open Access community. In that context, a joint International Advisory Board (IAB) has been appointed to provide support, guidance, and advice on the activities of the two EU-funded research initiatives.

The International Advisory Board is composed of 14 external experts in Open Science coming from all parts of the world to ensure a fair global representation. The IAB members will provide feedback on the projects’ outputs, and help guide the preparation of the Capacity Centre in a global context:

  1. Arianna Becerril (Redalyc-Amelica) Mexico
  2. Kamel Belhamel (Faculty of Technology, University of Bejaia) Algeria
  3. Youngim Jung (Korean Institute of Science and Technology Information) South Korea
  4. Dian Eka Indriani (STKI PGRI Bangkalan) Indonesia
  5. Tanja Niemann (Érudit, Coalition Publica) Canada
  6. Ahmed Ogunlaja (Open Access) Nigeria
  7. Solange Santos (Scielo) Brasil
  8. Mirat Satoglu (TUBITAK) Turkey
  9. Gunnar Sivertsen (ERIH) Norway
  10. Martin Eve (Janeway, Crossref) United Kingdom
  11. Juan Pablo Alperin (PKP, Coalition Publica) Canada
  12. Tetiana Vodotyka (National Academy of Sciences) Ukraine
  13. Sharla Lair (Lyrasis) USA
  14. Jeroen Sondervan (Dutch Research Council), the Netherlands