OpenAIRE Publisher Dashboard

What is the OpenAIRE Publisher Dashboard?

The development of the OpenAIRE Publisher Dashboard aligns closely with the objectives of the CRAFT-OA project. CRAFT-OA aims to establish a resilient landscape and a robust pan-European network of infrastructures that leverage existing systems and local capacities. The project seeks to enable upscaling, professionalisation, and consortial momentum within the scholarly communication ecosystem. By providing publishers with a comprehensive dashboard to manage and promote their research products, the OpenAIRE Publisher Dashboard contributes to the goals of CRAFT-OA by empowering publishers with the tools and resources they need to enhance their visibility and impact within the Open Science community.
Implementation of an OpenAIRE Publisher Dashboard Service will provide comprehensive metrics such as comparison charts, linked data from the OpenAIRE Graph, preprints existence, top authors and authors’ affiliations, assessing impact with the citations and downloads and publications by disciplines (Fields of Science), enabling publishers to monitor and analyze the impact of their publications within the scholarly community. The OpenAIRE Publishers dashboard will enhance the visibility and accessibility of research products published by various publishers of Diamond Open Access Journals. Publishers will be able to utilise the dashboard to showcase their research products, making it easier for users to discover and access their content. The service will provide seamless integration with the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). By the end of the project, the OpenAIRE Publisher Dashboard Service will also be available to IPSPs outside of the CRAFT-OA consortium via the EOSC Marketplace.

What does the OpenAIRE Publisher Dashboard achieve?

The goal of this KER is to furnish Publishers with relevant indicators and metrics illustrating their performance across various dimensions related to their published research products. The OpenAIRE Publisher Dashboard Service aims to facilitate search, discovery, and access to all the aforementioned metrics and statistics, highlighting the quality of the published content for each publisher. The OpenAIRE Publisher Dashboard Service will provide publishers worldwide with a powerful tool for managing and promoting their research products within the Open Science ecosystem.