DeliverableDue DateDOI
D1.1 Protection of Personal Data (PoPD) and Quality Assurance PlanMay 2023Sensitive
D1.2 Data Management PlanJune 2023
[July 2023]
D1.3 Progress ReportDecember 2023Sensitive
D1.4 Final ReportDecember 2025
D1.5 Short Policy BriefDecember 202310.5281/zenodo.10497418
D1.6 Update Short Policy BriefDecember 2025
D1.7 First Update DMPJune 2024
D1.8 Second Update DMPDecember 2025
D2.1 Service Management System Initial StructureSeptember 2023Sensitive
D2.2 Reusable Curriculum for Upskilling TrainingsDecember 202310.5281/zenodo.10943283
D2.3 Technical Gap Analysis and High-Level Community Transition PlansMarch 2024
[July 2024]
D3.1 Report on Standards for Best Publishing Practices and Basic Technical Standards, Inspired by the FAIR principlesJune 202310.5281/zenodo.8112661
D3.2 Report on Challenges and Help Measures Faced by OA Journals and PlatformsDecember 202310.5281/zenodo.10496593
D4.1 Plugins o enable JATS XML Based Interoperability between OJS and LodelJune 2025
D4.2 OJS Core Feature EnhancementsNovember 2025
D4.3 Deployment and Upgrading Toolkits and Recommendations for OJS and LodelNovember 2025
D5.1 Scalable and Adjustable Documentation of how to Understand the Aggregators’ Technical RequirementsJune 2024
D5.2 Documentation and Guidelines how to Onboard IPTP, IPSP, Journals, Content, Tools to Diamond Discovery HubJune 2025
D5.3 Update Scalable and Adjustable Documentation of how to Understand the Aggregator’s Technical RequirementsJune 2025
D6.1 OJS Connector for OpenAIRE Research Graph May 2024
D6.2 OJS Plugin for the EOSC Interoperability Framework on Research Product PublishingJune 2024
D6.3 OJS Plugin for Integrating Feedback from EOSC CatalogueJune 2024
D6.4 Recommendation for Publishers for Handling Research Supporting DataOctober 2025
D6.5 Federated Trust and Identity (T&I) Technical Requirements, Architecture and Best PracticesOctober 2025
D6.6 OpenAIRE Publisher Dashboard ServiceDecember 2025
D7.1 Communication and Dissemination PlanJune 202310.5281/zenodo.8112794
D7.2 Exploitation and Sustainability PlanJune 2024
D7.3 Toolkit for IPTP NetworkJune 2025
D7.4 Institutional Publishing Technical Living HandbookNovember 2025
D7.5 First Update Communication and Dissemination PlanJune 2024
D7.6 Second Update Communication and Dissemination PlanDecember 2025
D7.7 Update Exploitation and Sustainability PlanDecember 2025
D8.1 OEI – Requirement No. 1June 2023Sensitive