The publishing landscape for Open Access journals in Europe is highly diverse. However, often scattered among various organisations and institutions, many of these publishing services struggle to reach the necessary professionalisation and maturity levels required in state-of-the-art Open Access publishing. CRAFT-OA (Creating a Robust Accessible Federated Technology for Open Access) aims to change that. The project’s target is to make the Open Access landscape more resilient by centralising expertise, collaboration and a joint visibility/indexing layer.
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Our Goals

The project focuses on four threads of activities
to improve the technical and organisational infrastructure of Diamond OA.


technical improvements for journal platforms and journal software.


communities of practice to foster overall infrastructure improvement.


visibility, discoverability and recognition for Diamond OA publishing.


Diamond OA publishing with EOSC and other large-scale data aggregators.



Work With Us

CRAFT-OA is a project from the OA community for the OA community. Engage with CRAFT-OA, shape the future of publishing and be part of our survey on requirements for OJS installation and update toolkit!

CRAFT-OA has taken a closer look at (technical) #standards & #bestpractices for #DiamondOA, analysing & identifying the gaps in implementation. Have a look at the CRAFT-OA blog posts summing up the respective CRAFT-OA reports:

Creating Community-Driven Pathways to Equitable Open Scholarly Publishing – Where Are We Now: #PALOMERA, @DiamasProject and @craftoa_project are introducing their results.
Margo Bargheer describes the identified #Diamond definition and criteria.
#scholcomm #DiamondOA

🔎Trabajas en la instalación o el mantenimiento del programario OJS de gestión de revistas?

✍️Responde a la encuesta anónima de @craftoa_project y participa en la mejora de la publicación en #AccesoAbierto Diamante.

🏃‍♀️Hasta el 1 de marzo


A wind of change is blowing in Europe when it comes to awareness and a renewed interest for the diamond #openaccess (DOA).

National coordinated and funded journal platforms play an important role in the further uptake of DOA. Who and what are they? Time for a (long) 🧵! 1/x

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