PKP Sprint

The CRAFT-OA team is delighted to announce a PKP Sprint, hosted by the CRAFT-OA project, which will take place on 08-09 October 2024, in Turin, Italy

The PKP Sprint is a unique opportunity for the PKP community to come together and directly contribute to the advancement of PKPs’s open-source publishing software, including Open Journal Systems (OJS), Open Monograph Press (OMP), and Open Preprint Systems (OPS).

The PKP Sprint is a perfect opportunity for collaboration and problem-solving, allowing participants to share their ideas, work on tasks related to software enhancements, and establish connections with like-minded individuals. This event welcomes a wide range of participants, including developers, journal managers, librarians, user interface experts, and other professionals involved in scholarly publishing. Past sprints have led to the creation of plugins, documentation, usability tests, and the exploration of new functionalities for the PKP software.

The registration is open until the 21st of July 2024: 

To ensure an engaging and efficient interaction among participants, we have limited the number of attendees to 50. We encourage you to take part in this exceptional opportunity to collaborate with the PKP community and contribute to the advancements within the open-source publishing ecosystem.

Please note that the Tech Event of CRAFT-OA will take place at the same location from October 10-11, 2024: 

If you have any questions or require more information, please get in touch with the PKP community through

We look forward to seeing you in Turin for this exciting event and working together towards a more equitable future for scholarly publishing.